If you own a Tesla Model S Performance, then there are few supercars that can out-accelerate you from a set of stop lights. Even if the other car is a new Ferrari, they won’t win the traffic light grand prix (or a drag race) no matter how hard their drivers will try.

And if you only watch the first three seconds of a drag race between a Model S Performance and the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, you’d think it’s more of the same. But it isn’t, because even though the Tesla (predictably) gets off the line first (remember, it can hit sixty in 2.3 seconds), the Ferrari soon picks up the pace too and has no trouble sprinting moving ahead of the Model S.

The Ferrari takes a bit longer to hit sixty, somewhere around the 2.6 - 2.8 seconds mark, but it actually completes the quarter mile quite a bit quicker and at higher speed. The F8 crosses the line in about 10.2 seconds at almost 140 mph, while the Model S needs 10.5 seconds and it’s only traveling at around 126 mph.

According to Brooks from DragTimes, this is the first time a Tesla Model S Performance has been beaten by a Ferrari in one of his videos.

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