According to Cross-Sell's car registration data (via Reuters), new Tesla registrations in California amounted to around 16,200 during the third quarter of 2020.

That's 13% less than a year ago, but taking into consideration how challenging the year 2020 has become, it's actually quite a great outcome. Moreover, compared to 9,800 registrations in Q2, Tesla improved significantly.

Let's take a look at the results for particular models, as the Model 3 is no longer the top dog in the lineup:

  • Model Y: 7,300 or 45% of total
  • Model 3: 6,500 (down 60% year-over-year) or 40% of total
  • Model S/X: the remaining 2,400 or 15% of total
  • Total: 16,200

Because the demand shifted from Model 3 (down 60%!), more towards the larger Model Y, now we have a new market leader.

The flagship Model S and Model X together represent close to 15% of the total number of registrations in the state. If that would be extrapolated to four quarters, Model S/X sales would be below 10,000 annually.

According to the report, overall Tesla registration in 23 states monitored by Cross-Sell, which represents some 65% of the U.S. total volume, remained equal to Q3 2019, at around 32,800. That would be some 50,000 in the U.S. (assuming the 32,800 stands for 65% also in the case of Tesla).

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