When we recently posted a video about this Tesla Cybertruck replica, we said it was one of the best Cybertruck replicas ever made. After seeing more clips of it driving around, I think it's fair to remove the "one of" and simply say it's the best Tesla Cybertruck replicas made to date.

Our friend Alex Guberman of the YouTube channel, E For Electric contacted the company responsible for the Cybertruck replica, Stark Solutions in Bosnia, and was able to secure additional exclusive video footage. 

Cybertruck Replica
Cybertruck Replica

While it's cool as heck, it turns out that Stark Solutions cannot register the Cybertruck replica, which is built on top of what once was a Ford F-150 Raptor. That's because of the sharp edges on the vehicle, which aren't allowed in Bosnia due to pedestrian safety regulations. 

That's going to be an issue for the real Cybertruck as well and could potentially limit the Cybertruck's availability to countries where less stringent pedestrian safety rules are in effect. We hope Stark Solutions finds an answer to this issue because the vehicle is way too cool to be regulated to off-road use only, or worse yet, parked. 

Perhaps the problems that they are having will initiate a conversation on pedestrian safety, so when the real Cybertruck is available, Tesla will have had time to demonstrate that the vehicle isn't a safety concern. We'll have to monitor this space. 

While it is a great copy, the dimensions aren't exactly correct. The replica is about one foot shorter than the real Cybertruck will be, provided Tesla doesn't make it smaller as has been speculated. Additionally, since they used a Ford F-150 Raptor for the base, it's obviously not electric, which is probably the biggest disappointment. 

The conversion took about seven months and cost roughly €20,000 ($24,000US). Thoughts? As always, let us know in the comment section below. 

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