The YouTube channel E For Electric sat down with Sandy Munro in his regular monthly spot to talk Tesla manufacturing, and the manufacturing guru had some bold predictions for Tesla's new manufacturing plant currently under construction in Texas. 

We've heard Munro both shower praise down on Tesla's innovation, but also be heavily critical of the company during his tear down sessions when he finds what he considers sub-standard manufacturing. 

You'll see a dramatic difference between the Fremont plant and the Texas Plant - Sandy Munro

In this video, Munro tells Alex Guberman, the E For Electric host that he expects the build quality of Tesla's vehicles coming out of Tesla's new factories in Germany and Texas to be superior to that of the vehicles made in Fremont. Munro goes as far as to say he expects the vehicles in the new factories to be "dramatically better". 

Munro says he wouldn't even be surprised if customers buying new Teslas specify that they don't want a car that came from Fremont, instead they want one that was made in one of the new factories. 

To me, that paint shop in Fremont that's gotta go. That thing is rubbish - Sandy Munro

As usual, Munro doesn't hold back, criticizing the Fremont factory's paint shop and also saying Tesla will need to find the right people to work at the new Texas factory because Texas doesn't have a deep history of auto manufacturing.

He specifically says he thinks it would be a bad idea if Tesla imports people from Fremont to work in Texas. Instead, he says, Tesla should seek out experienced factory employees from other OEMs.

Sandy Munro Model Y
Sandy Munro points to a foam insulation problem on the Model Y he disassembled.

So check out the video and let us know if you agree with Munro. We know there are plenty of current Tesla owners that might disagree with Munro's assessment of Tesla's current build quality issues at Fremont, we want to hear from you too. As always, please use the comment section below to voice your opinion on the subject. 

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