Reviewers have been raving on about how good the Porsche Taycan is to drive and thanks to this video shot on the Nurburgring we can really understand why. It shows a Taycan Turbo S, the top of the range and most powerful model, being driven quite vigorously and making light work of any and all cars it encounters.

It’s really remarkable how pointy the front end is in this car, especially given how heavy it is. In the video, you can see how little steering input the driver has to apply to get the car to react, how it very rarely tends to understeer and how it just puts its power down and goes.

Sure, it’s not quite as fast or agile as a 911 GT3, but for a relatively big and quite heavy sedan, the way it corners is really remarkable. The blistering acceleration we’ve already witnessed in countless videos, but in this one published by L’argus, we really get a sense of just how good the Taycan’s handling really is.

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