When will drivers of ICE vehicles give up on trying to win in drag races against EVs? It’s a pointless exercise since most races between electric vehicles and gasoline-burning cars end the same way, with the battery powered car speeding away off the line and keeping its lead (unless it’s a longer distance race, in which case if the gas car is fast it does eventually catch up and overtake).

If you drive the new Corvette C8, whose claimed benchmark sprint time can drop under the 3-second mark, you might still be optimistic that you can take on the planet’s fastest electric SUV, the Tesla Model X P100D. However, said Model X can sprint to sixty in a claimed 2.6 seconds, and since it has no gears to shift and the advantage of all-wheel drive, it will be far more consistent in getting close to the claim.

These guys in the video posted on the Dobre Cars channel are clearly very relaxed that their Model X will be quicker than the Corvette C8. We’d be this relaxed too in this situation, since there are very few vehicles capable of out-accelerating a top tier Model X and the C8 just isn’t one of them, no matter how good a start it gets.

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