We did not have to wait long since the official announcement about the location of new Tesla Gigafactory in the U.S. in Texas to see the first video reports from the site, which is already quite advanced in initial preparations.

We just received a notification from the Cybertruck Owners Club about their first, beautiful footage, which shows that work is underway.

The new factory is actually the fifth gigafactory - Tesla Gigafactory 5, but maybe we should call it Tesla Giga Austin as it will be far more intuitive (like in the case of Shanghai and Berlin).

The next two videos below are from Jeff Roberts, who was lucky enough to see the site on the daily commute.

Tesla Giga Austin will produce two new Tesla EVs: Cybertruck and Semi as well as cars already available on the market: Model Y and Model 3 for the eastern part of North America.

The Model Y/3 production in Texas is expected to make some free space in Fremont, California for other projects, although we can't be sure whether the cars will be produced simultaneously in two places in the U.S. That is the official statement, but with Tesla, you can never know. For example, Giga Shanghai was expected to produce only entry-level versions of the Model 3/Y, but it is at full swing with all versions (Standard and Long Range, plus Performance in 2021).

One of the biggest winners of the new Tesla investment is the city of Austin, which will strengthen without even offering any incentives.

Tesla Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas - summary:

  • Semi: in development. To be launched in 2021 in Texas (according to Q2 call)
  • Cybertruck: in development, unveiled in late 2019, production from late 2021
  • Model Y/Model 3: an additional production site in the U.S.
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