When the Tesla Model 3 first came to market, there was a lot of talk about its 'touchscreen controls everything' situation. If you regularly read car reviews from major automotive media outlets, a lack of buttons and knobs is a red flag, though that seems to be changing as of late. Nonetheless, Edmunds recently published the above video highlighting 'Car Trends That Need To Stop,' and the Model 3's touchscreen is featured. 

Now that a slew of people across the globe own the mass-market Tesla sedan and are living with it, we don't really hear about many complaints anymore. In fact, several other automakers seem to be using the Model 3's screen as an example as they design new cars.

Our lives are now filled with screens. Buttons are going away. Mobile phones no longer have keyboards. This seems to be the future, so people are going to have to get used to the technology. However, with the said, if the touchscreen is distracting, problematic, awkwardly placed, unintuitive, or not very responsive, this is a problem. 

Edmunds' Mark Takahashi personally hates the Model 3 touchscreen. He also hates piano black in a car, though he's talking about another vehicle and doesn't mention it as an issue in the Model 3. While some of these design trends are obvious concerns for many people, others are much more subjective.

Let's do our own min study. What did you initially think of the Model 3 having a touchscreen that controls virtually everything? What about its vertical orientation? If you own a Model 3, what do you think now that you have lived with it? Fill us by commenting below.

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