The launch off the line is much closer than you'd expect.

This Ram diesel pickup truck isn't coal-rolling a Tesla, like we usually see. Rather, it's drag racing against a Tesla Model 3 and the results are quite shocking.

More often than not, when we feature a diesel truck on this site it's because one was caught trying to coal roll a Tesla. Sometimes, the truck is successful. Whereas other times, the driver of the Tesla uses its performance to avoid the dirty smock spewed from the truck.

The video features none of that coal-rolling craziness, but rather its a race between what's surely a highly modified diesel Ram pickup truck and Model 3. It's a street race though and we strongly advise against this too.

However, the result was so surprising that we that we'd share it. The video description describes the matchup as a race between a Model 3 performance and mega cab Dodge diesel. We assume it's a newer Ram diesel heavy-duty pickup truck, but it could be an older model too. 

Regardless of new or old, the truck shocks us by its ability to basically match the Model 3 Performance off of the line. Few, if any, races between a Tesla and another vehicle start this way. Almost always, the Tesla gets the immediate jump, yet this very heavy and hugely torquey truck almost keeps up with the Tesla from the start.

We're it not for a missed shift, the truck would've been even closer to matching the Tesla. This shows just how much torque matter when getting off the line.

Grab a look at the video and let us know if you're as impressed as us by the truck's ability to nearly keep pace with the Tesla.


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