According to the latest reports, the demand for Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 is booming in China after Tesla lowered the price of the entry-level Standard Range Plus version to below the 300,000 yuan level required to get subsidies.

The number of new orders reportedly exceeds 1,000 a day so far this month, which is way above the manufacturing capabilities of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai (set for 3,000 a week with perspective to increase to 4,000 in the near-future).

Before Tesla lowered the price of the SR+, first it actually increased the price of both Standard Range Plus and Long Range version, which was quite surprising.

Currently, the prices of the two MIC versions are as follow:

  • Standard Range Plus RWD (MIC): *271,550 yuan ($38,221)
    it was first increased from *299,050 yuan to *303,550 yuan on April 25
    available now
  • Long Range RWD (MIC): *344,050 yuan ($48,425)
    it was increased from *339,050 yuan to 344,050 on April 25
    deliveries from June 2020

* after including a subsidy of 22,500 yuan ($3,166) (from July 23) - previously: 24,750 yuan ($3,495)

The price of the Performance version was not changed as it's scheduled for Q1 2021 and will not be eligible for subsidies.

  • Performance, Long Range AWD (MIC): *419,800 yuan ($59,087)
    deliveries from Q1 2021

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