Are the white seats really as easy to clean as Tesla claims?

Tesla is one of just a few automakers to offer white seats, but are those seats resistant to stains? What if a soda explodes inside your Tesla Model 3? Is the mess easily cleaned up? Or is it a nightmare to get your white seats back to being all white again?

We all know that white shows every little bit of dirt, discoloration and so on, but Tesla insists that its white seats are different. How so? Well, Tesla claims that the white seats have a special treatment that makes them repel pretty much everything tossed their way.

Does this include a soda? Like an exploding can of Dr. Pepper, for example? There's really only one way to find out and that's by exploding a can of pop inside a Tesla Model 3. Not on purpose though (who would ever do that?), but rather by accident.

If left in car, a can of soda will almost certainly explode once the car's temperature rises enough to increase the pressure within the can. When this happen, the can will either become punctured or pop off the top or bottom caps. Then, the soda forcibly goes everywhere, as was the case here.

But back to the main point. Can soda be easily cleaned from the white interior of a Tesla? The answer is yes. It's simple to wipe up and all that's required to clean the inside are some basic items you probably already have in your house.

Grab a look at the video to find out how to clean up this sticky, liquidy, sugary, explosive mess.

Video description via Jeremy Judkins on YouTube:

I left a soda in my car all day by accident. When I was driving home, it exploded so freaking loudly.


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