We can also estimate the Model Y sales.

By the way of presenting the market potential for the Model Y, Tesla unknowingly revealed also the sales results for the Model 3 in the U.S. market.

We say unknowingly because obviously the company has the data, but doesn't want to report it to the public. Frankly, many other manufacturers also don't want to do it.

The Q1 financial report shows us an interesting chart, which shows that during the last four quarters (Q2'2019 - Q1'2020) the company delivered under 150,000 Model 3 in the U.S. We assume it's under 148,000, but it's only as precise as the pixels counting.


Taking into consideration previous data released by Tesla as well as other sources and IEVs' estimations, we assume that the U.S. sales of the Model 3 amounted in Q1 to about 18,000 (20% down year-over-year).

We are not sure, but it might actually be less than that. Anyway, it's not bad at all.

Model Y

Sales of the Tesla Model Y (which started in March) are estimated at above 3,000 (for sure below 4,000). We assume 3,200.

Tesla also wrote that "We were able to build more Model Y vehicles in its first quarter of production than in the first two quarters of Model 3 in 2017." This means the production for sure was above 2,685.

Model S/X

The Model S/X amounted to some 12,230 globally, so the U.S. volume might be under 7,000 or 8,000.

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