Futuristic whooshing sounds are the coolest on the market and they add to the driving experience.

You may have thought that in a world not too long in the future, one where EVs have completely replaced internal combustion-engined cars, would be a quiet (and boring) place since electric cars hardly make any noise. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and Porsche is showing us that EVs can indeed sound exciting, albeit with a little bit of augmentation.

The Porsche Taycan is not only a feat of design and engineering - because it’s very fast, great to be in and look at - but it also feels exciting and that’s only partly thanks to its actual performance. Porsche engineers have clearly worked very hard to make the auditory experience of the Taycan live up to the rest of the package.

Sure, there are other EVs that produce fake noises both inside and out, but the Taycan is the best of the lot. What the people who created its augmented audible signature did was record the sounds the car already made - the whooshing and whirring of the electric motors - and enhance them.

The result is unexpectedly impressive and currently no other car on the market even comes close in this respect. BMW is paying a lot of attention to these EV sounds, but it has so far not implemented them in any of its production cars - expect to see them debut on the iX3 and the i4.

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