The Porsche Taycan has not only proven that a legacy OEM can design and produce an incredible high-performance electric car, but also that EV powertrains are arguably far superior to internal combustion engines. Sure, the Taycan is expensive, but so is the rest of Porsche's lineup. People planning on buying a Porsche aren't prioritizing value and savings.

Aside from vehicles produced by Tesla, the Taycan is one of the first performance EVs with the ability to match or outclass high-performance gas-powered cars. There are definitely other exceptions as well, such as the Jaguar I-Pace. Even more budget-friendly EVs, like the Chevrolet Bolt, offer better acceleration and driving dynamics than many ICE rivals.

The brief video above puts us in the driver's seat of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S that's moving at high speeds on the Autobahn in Germany. The Turbo S has an automaker-reported top speed of 162 mph (261 km/h) and it can tackle a zero-to-60-mph sprint in just 2.6 seconds with Launch Control. As you can see in this video, the driver pushes the car to over 241 km/h.

If you've driven the Porsche Taycan, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via tricky d on YouTube:

Porsche Taycan Turbo S - Autobahn run

First time out in the all-electric Porsche Taycan. Autobahn section near Leipzig Germany.

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