Kyle Conner (Out of Spec Motoring), the head of our new InsideEVs YouTube channel had a very unique experience today. He was able to ride in a Tesla Model 3 that has the update that allows it to "see" and respond to traffic lights. It's one of the updates that Tesla shared will be coming as part of Full Self-Driving Capability soon.

Unfortunately, we can't reveal at this time how he was able to get access to the car, but he took several photos, as well as a few videos, of the feature in action. We also can't yet reveal if this is early release or an "early adopter" vehicle or if other Tesla owners are already beginning to get access to the new feature.

Apparently, the feature also stops for stop signs. In addition, it lets you know that it has "seen" the light and will be responding so you don't have to wait and wonder.


Hopefully, in the coming days, we'll be able to share more video footage and information related to the feature. Keep your eyes on the InsideEVs YouTube channel, as well as Out of Spec Motoring. As new details become available, we'll update this article.


This is a developing story ...


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