Remember when the glass on the Tesla Cybertruck shattered? That was just from a steel ball, yet somehow the glass on a VW Golf withstands a powerful blast from a bazooka. What's up with that?

First, let's go back to the Cybertruck. A big steel ball was tossed at the side windows of the truck, which was supposed to feature bulletproof glass, and each window broke. The blame was put on striking the doors with a dead-blow sledgehammer ahead of time. This was believed to have compromised the glass.

Moving on, the shattered Cybertruck glass reached meme level and ever since it occurred, others have been out to see if the regular glass would break under various stressors. This video from Car Fax attempts to shatter the glass of a regular Volkswagen Golf. This is part 2 in the Golf glass-breaking series (find out what happened in part 1 here).

This time around, the ante is upped quite a bit. A big 'ol air-powered bazooka is fashioned and some items are shot at the glass of the Volkswagen Golf. Those items include a potato, a can of coke and then a big steel ball.

We won't ruin the results, but we honestly are surprised to see just how durable regular automotive glass truly is. It makes us wonder if there's even a need for something strong on a normal, everyday vehicle.

Watch the video clip above to if anything manages to break the glass and then let us know in comments your thoughts on this cool experiment.

Video description via Car Hax on YouTube:

How hard is a normal car glass compared to the Tesla Cybertruck glass

How hard is a normal car glass [PART 2]

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