Now I don’t know about you, but the video that really sold the Porsche Taycan to me as a driver's car was the one in which it did a lap around the Top Gear test track in the hands of the Stig. In that video, it looked so pointy, agile and composed, on top of what I was already expecting to see (its impressive turn of speed).

Well, this video by Bisimoto, is the back seat, phone camera version of that. It still conveys just how quick and eager to turn in the Taycan is. Even just launching it off the line is impressive and in this video, since the camera is not fixed to the car, you really notice when it shifts into its high gear - the camera lurches forward then is immediately pushed back by the strong acceleration.

Neither the video or its description bare any mention of which version of Taycan is being shown, but based on how brutal the acceleration looks, it’s probably the Turbo or Turbo S. One thing you will notice, though, is just how loud the enhanced motor whir noise being pumped into the cabin is and it also makes the aforementioned gear change even more noticeable.

For me the biggest takeaway from this video is just how little lock is applied to get the Taycan to turn. Its eagerness to change direction looks almost unreal, so it looks like it would be a great electric companion to drive spiritedly on a winding road.

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