Famous Italian motorcyclist Andrea Pirillo pits the Tesla Model 3 Performance against the Ferrari Portofino on his popular YouTube channel. He admits his concern for this challenge due to the Model 3's speed and all-wheel-drive configuration.

How does all-electric performance technology compare to twin-turbocharged V8 power? Propulsion is not the only substantial difference between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Ferrari Portofino. In fact, these are very different cars in many ways, but they'll both shoot you to 60 mph in about 3 seconds. It's important to note that both cars are wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires that are equally consumed.

The Ferrari Portofino is a lightweight rear-wheel-drive two-door 2+2 grand touring sports car with a hard convertible top. It starts at about $220,000. Its twin-turbocharged V8 cranks out nearly 600 horsepower. It will rocket you from zero to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is a midsize four-door five-seat sedan with an all-electric dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain. It carries a starting price of $56,990. It's heavier than the Portofino by about 450 pounds. Tesla doesn't publish official horsepower figures for its vehicles, but it does say the Model 3 Performance is capable of a 3.2-second zero-to-60-mph sprint.

Check out the video to learn more and see the results of this challenge.

Video Description via Andrea Pirillo on YouTube:


I have to admit to all of you that I felt the pressure for this challenge... The Tesla Model 3 Performance is a really fast car. We'll now test how fast it can go on track!
On the other side we have the Ferrari Portofino with 600 hp and less weight compared to the Tesla, but the traction is posterior whereas the Tesla is 4x4 so in a 0-100 challenge I may lose.
We used the same tires Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, the ones on the tesla where a bit consumed due to some days on track...the ones on the Ferrari basically the same but due to some drifts!

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