The Tesla Cybertruck certainly looks like a vehicle from the future. It may make a fantastic time machine as well. Not to mention some of its design cues, as well as some of its construction concepts, came from the DeLorean, which many know only since it was featured in the movie, "Back to the Future." 

For these reasons, and perhaps just to have a bit of fun, YouTube channel Elon McFly took the time to create a unique and interesting video of the Tesla Cybertruck as a time machine. Even better, the truck is superimposed into a clip from the movie.

For those unaware, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is all about old movies like "Back to the Future." This is part of the reason he followed through with the Cybertruck's unique design. Musk also mentioned movies like "Blade Runner" and a James Bond film as contributors to the all-electric pickup truck's design.

Check out the fun video above. Then, as always, scroll down and type us a comment below.

Video Description via Elon McFly on YouTube:

[DELETED SCENES] A New Time machine? Cybertruck 2020

Doc and Marty send a new model into the future.

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