Fancy a look at a couple of dozen different images of the Tesla Model Y? This video showcases every time the Model Y has been seen in public. And it even provides details on each sighting. Here's your Model Y image overload.

How tall is the Model Y? What does it look like next to a Tesla Model 3? Which colors suits the shape of the Model Y the best?

There are many questions about the upcoming Model Y and rightfully so as it's probably the most highly anticipated Tesla off all time (outside of perhaps the Tesla Cybertruck). And while this video doesn't answer all the questions, it does provide us with tons of looks at the Y. And from all of the various views, we can piece together what the Y really looks like in real life.

Have a look at the Model Y image compilation video and lengthy description below for more info.

Video description via Ryan Shaw on YouTube:

A full compilation of every single Model Y prototype sighting out in the wild featuring it side by side with many popular vehicles including the Honda CRV, BMW X5, Model 3, Jeep Patriot, Honda Accord, and more!

Tesla put the Model Y on display for Employees in Fremont, California.

Next up was the annual shareholders meeting in June. These photos courtesy of vincent13031925 on twitter, as well as @sofiaan on twitter, and Tesla raj.

In October of 2019, there was a video of a Model Y spotted on the youtube page TeslaFan.

Tesla Owners Online posted this photo on twitter.

Then, we saw the Tesla Model Y in the wild in Palo Alto in midnight silver metallic, with full chrome delete, but with the Power Sports Aero Wheels.

A few days after that, @brianarmer on twitter posted a video of a Model Y sighting in normal traffic conditions out in Washington state.

Around this time, some more Model Y spy shots happened in Washington with photos at a supercharger posted by Shamus Johnson on twitter.

Next up, a Red Tesla Model Y was spotted by Reddit member detroit_kp313.

Around this same time, the midnight silver metallic Model Y prototype was caught right next to a Model 3 at a supercharger, really showcasing the difference in size.

Another Model Y was spotted at Gigafactory 1 over in Nevada, this time in bright red. These photos were posted by @TeslaOwnersofMA on twitter.

Recorded by kenken380 with his Model 3 dashcam, the Model Y in midnight silver metallic was spotted in San Jose.

You can see it next to the Model 3, BMW X5, Mazda SUV, a Lexus Sedan, a Honda Accord, a Ford truck, and lastly, a Jeep Patriot.

A Red Tesla Model Y was spotted by Reddit member The_xenocide.

Next up, a white Model Y! These photos are credited to garrickk8 on Reddit, and we can first see the Model Y next to a Honda CR-V.

Around this same time, a Model Y was spotted out in Barstow at a Supercharger that is usually a stop between LA and Las Vegas. This video was posted on Reddit by ChooChooSparky.

After this, or possibly before, we saw an image of a blue model y at a supercharger, but this time it showcased the tow hitch. Photo credit goes to mattdgonzalaz on Reddit.

Next, we got a pretty exciting drone video off a Model Y out on a test track taken by @looking__closer on twitter, as well as a video from analyst Trip Chowdhry taken from the side of the test track.

Then, someone posting on Tesla Owners East Bay drove by a Model Y at the WalnutCreek superchargers.

And then, one of the best sightings we’ve seen to date happened near Christmas of 2019. A beautiful white Model Y spotted in two separated locations in California. Grant Cassingham and Steven Conroy get credit here.

Alright, next is a black Model Y prototype spotted by John Kraus all the way in Florida.

To celebrate the end of 2019, a Model Y performance, with red calipers was spotted in Washington and San Francisco. Video credit here goes to the youtube amount Daily Night Society, and the following photos are credited to eric, @ewalt25 on twitter.

Then, a covered Model Y was spotted by Redditor gamerike, who measured the model Y and noted the 65 inch height. This is about 1 inch shorter than the Model X, and about 8.2 inches taller than the Model 3 if his measurements are accurate.

Around the same time, a Model Y on a truck was spotted by @jzpchen on twitter.

Shortly after this, a Model Y was spotted in San Mateo, California by Avi Horowitz whose video was posted on electrek.

And lastly is the longest and closest video we’ve seen of the Model Y to date, taken by twitter user Zack, @BLKMDL3 .

Additionally, here are a couple photos taken by Zack, one in particular that you can see the size difference between the model Y and Model 3.

And lastly to finish up, here is a quick compilation of every other photo I could find of the Model Y on twitter. Credit to omg_tesla, @teslaconomics, @guglielo, @tesladylan, @philibetakitten, @supermantibody, @teslavangelist, @dariocazzani, tuttle123 on Reddit, @sirjohnsgresham, @sfteslaclub, @alvinfoo, @teslaownersSV

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