If you woke up to find a car had crashed into your property, you'd surely be quite upset. If the vehicle was a Tesla, you may immediately assume that the car's Autopilot technology was to blame. This is only if you regularly watch the news and spend time on social media, of course. This is because Tesla receives constant scrutiny over the safety of its semi-autonomous driving technology.

In this case, whether or not Tesla Autopilot was engaged is a moot point. As you can see from the video, the Model 3 was proceeding down the highway when a Toyota RAV4 seemingly lost control and came over the center divider and collided with the Tesla. This impact pushed the Model 3 off the road and caused it to lose control and run into a fence at someone's private residence. Fortunately, it came to a stop before hitting the house.

The RAV4 proceeded to flip over after the impact. It doesn't appear that any other cars were involved. Thankfully, at least according to the video publisher, despite the car being totaled, the Model 3 driver was okay. However, we don't have any further details at this time. 

Video Description via Tesla Revolution on YouTube:

Tesla Smashes Residence & All Cameras Record it

Tesla Smashes House Residence & All Cameras Record it with all of it's cameras and we have a look. A Toyota RAV4 smashes into a Tesla and then it rams off the highway into a property through its fence and we get to see it from all angles.

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