The semi-truck appears to have veered off the roadway and then when the driver attempts to swerve back, the tractor-trailer loses control and flips. Numerous drivers stopped to aid the semi-truck-driver. He was seen exiting the truck under his own power.

It seems the semi driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel, though we can't be certain. However, TeslaCam captures the semi leaving the roadway momentarily before the driver attempts to get the big rig back in the lane. The quick move by the truck driver sends the semi into a slide, which results in it rolling onto its side.

Luckily, it doesn't appear as though anyone was hurt and the Tesla driver explains (below) why he proceeded past the wreck.

The crash occurred on I-20 East outside of Hallsville, Texas and the semi-truck was hauling goods for target.

You can find some additional coverage of the accident and aftermath here.

Video description via TheWizardDon on YouTube:

My Tesla's dashcam captured this Target tractor trailer overturning on I-20 East on December 28th, 2019 near Hallsville, Texas. The video isn't great, but it appears the driver veered off the road to the right and lost control when he swerved back.

The video shows that many drivers stopped to offer assistance, but as I was 11 hours from home and had my wife, kids, and mother-in-law in the car, I did not. My family did see the driver walking away from the truck cab as we drove past.

The accident took about 4 hours to clear, according to the news report at KLTV.

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