The Tesla Cybertruck’s shell and body are very tough, which is why it’s strange to see one that’s this severely damaged—it must have been involved in one heck of a crash. It recently popped up online and will be headed to auction at some point. However, we don’t expect anyone to attempt to repair it unless they have a YouTube channel planning to make years’ worth of content out of trying to get it roadworthy again.

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The Cybertruck is tough, but it's not an actual tank

As tough as the Tesla Cybertruck is with its cold-rolled stainless steel alloy body that can withstand being shot with a pistol if you crash it at high speed, it will still buckle and bend just like any other vehicle.

Given the apparent severity of this accident, the truck’s frame is probably bent too, so it will likely only ever serve as a parts donor for another rebuild project. Its title is listed as “waiting,” so it can take months to be delivered, not that it’s ever going anywhere under its own power unless it’s also a time machine to take its future owner back to before it was totaled.

This was a much higher-speed crash than the other recent Cybertruck rollover story we covered. That truck was going too fast for the road it was on, overcooked a corner, hit an embankment and flipped onto its roof. However, it was in far better condition than this one, with the realistic possibility that it could have been repaired and put back on the road (even though it too was surely written off by the insurance company).

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The images we got from the IAAI listing show a Cybertruck that hit something solid at high speed with its front left—you can see the entire front part of the vehicle is shifted to the right. This is likely what caused it to roll and land on its roof or its side (we can’t quite tell just by looking at the damage). Most body panels suffered damage, some of it quite significant.

One of its wheels was also torn off in the crash, and you can see it in the bed with the wheel carrier and driveshaft still attached. It also doesn’t power up, and the key is missing, so its mileage is unknown, but there are a lot of parts that could still be reused, including some of its body panels. Even the two left doors appear undamaged, with the side glass miraculously having survived this horrific crash.

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You can probably salvage the drive units and the valuable battery pack if they didn’t sustain damage during the accident, or at least some battery modules—there’s a lot of unused room inside a Cybertruck pack, so there’s room for the housing to buckle without damaging the cells.

We can’t tell if this has two or three motors, but either combination would do nicely if you’re cooking up some ludicrous EV-swapped hotrod and you hadn’t found something powerful enough for it. No price or auction date is listed in the ad, but it does say the truck is located in Santa Clarita, California. If you’re interested, you can inquire further and maybe get it for cheap if all you’re looking for is parts.

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