Porsche announced 130 deliveries of the all-new Taycan in the U.S., which is a pretty decent start, especially since the first was handed over around December 20.

With thousands of orders and pre-orders, Porsche is expected to deliver a three-digit number per month in 2020.


Compared to Porsche's overall 4,733 sales in December, the Taycan alone was responsible for almost 2.8% of the volume.

The German manufacturer also happily announced that the U.S. retail sales in 2019 increased year-over-year for 10 consecutive years, reaching a record of 61,568 (up 7.6%).

Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA said:

“It’s now my honor, 70 years after those first steps, to be part of the Porsche team that delivered over 60,000 new cars in the U.S. last year. Porsche has evolved over time, from building one exciting roadster to offering a full range of models developed on the track for everyday use. All of our cars remain the sports car of their segments – and the same is true as we enter a new era with the first U.S. deliveries of the all-electric Taycan in December.”

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