Porsche has started customer deliveries of the Taycan in the U.S. as the first owner posted photos of his top-of-the-line Taycan Turbo S.

Greg Wyler received hiscar on December 19th, just in time to fit it under the Christmas tree.

"Thank you .@Porsche and .@HerbChambersCo for the new Taycan Turbo S. Just in time for! The interior fit and finish is total Porsche quality and super comfortable. Can’t wait to drive it tomorrow! @PTaycan"

It's hard to say how many Taycan will be delivered this month, but it's always great to see a new model entering the U.S. market (and soon also other countries too).

The first drive revealed that the Taycan lived up to expectations and is a great driver's car.

"Quick Drive Report: This car is a quiet monster. Totally docile, but if you press the throttle and start turning it will rip your insides apart with acceleration and g forces. Best car I have ever driven hands down."


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