This Hyundai SUV attempts an illegal pass on the shoulder of the highway but then realizes it's not going to work, since the shoulder lane quickly disappears. The Hyundai then smashes into a Tesla.

Fortunately, this wasn't another hit and run case, as the driver of the Hyundai pulled over after the crash. The Tesla owner says that the Hyundai driver's insurance is covering the cost of the repairs, but with it being a Tesla, we assume the vehicle will be out of service for quite some time.

The SUV should've never attempted to pass dangerously on the shoulder like this, but had it not been for the shoulder lane ending as the pass was attempted, then perhaps the crash wouldn't have occurred.

The inattentive driver of the Hyundai SUV didn't bother to even check to see if the lane continued on before attempting the illegal pass, but as the pass was in progress, it became clear that there simply wasn't any road left and rather than smashing the barrier, the driver decided to swerve into the Tesla. It was all caught on TeslaCam.

The reckless act left both cars damaged and let's hope that the driver of the Hyundai learned a lesson and doesn't repeat such a ridiculous stunt on the highway ever again.

Video description via James Klinger on YouTube:

Accident on 11/27 on I-95 South. My entire family was in the car when this happened. Thankfully no one was injured in either car. The other driver stopped and insurance is working out repair of my car.

Please drive safely this holiday.

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