This TeslaCam video captures the moment when a Jeep Wrangler rear-ends stopped traffic. The Jeep then rolls over after the violent collision.

The video starts off with what appears to be just a normal drive down the road, but then, at around 50 seconds into the video, a couple of cars stop (likely at a stop sign or a red light) and that's when you see the Jeep comes barreling into the scene.

It appears as though the Jeep hit the stopped cars at full speed, but right before the moment of impact, the Wrangler veered to avoid the collision. It was too late though and the quick maneuver (combined with the impact) sent the Jeep onto its side and then top in a roll.

With Tesla and TeslaCam, we get to see all sorts of crashes and wrecks. Many are unexpected. Like this one in which you'd assume the Jeep driver would've spotted the stopped traffic and brought the SUV to a halt. That wasn't the case and this video of the crash shows the result of the driver's inability to stop the Jeep safely.

Video description via mjkonkol on YouTube:

Oh, the things you capture with your Tesla cameras while driving. Pay close attention 50 seconds into the video.


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