Interested in seeing what the Tesla Cybertruck looks like is some more conventional colors? You'll find many new hues on the Tesla pickup truck here.

All credit for these renders goes to Tudor Whiteley, a fan of InsideEVs, who provided us with these slick new rendered images of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Gallery: More Tesla Cybertruck Colors

In stainless steel, the Tesla Cybertruck presents itself with a bold, new outward appearance. This may not be to the liking of fans of colors. Additionally, it makes the truck's appearance even a bit more unusual than it already is. However, when colored more like the conventional cars and trucks of today, the Cybertruck takes on a new look.

The angular lines of the Tesla Cybertruck will make wrapping it quite easy, so we suspect that will be the option most buyers will take if they prefer the truck in a hue other than its standard steel appearance. 

Paint is an option too, though that makes it difficult to change colors over time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk did state that colors such as matte black would be offered, but he didn't say if that would be a paint color or a factory wrap, we suspect the later, as stainless steel is not often painted.

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