September 2019 brings us the highest plug-in electric car sales result ever recorded in the UK! The total number of new plug-in passenger car registrations amounted to 12,883, which is 97.7% more than a year ago!

BEV sales are booming to a new all-time record of 7,704 registrations (just take a look at the height of September's bar on the graphs below) and finally, PHEVs rose up too:

  • BEVs 7,704 (up 236.4% year-over-year) at market share of 2.2%
  • PHEVs: 5,179 (up 22.6% year-over-year) at market share of 1.5%
  • Total: 12,883 (up 97.7% year-over-year) at market share of 3.75%

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in the UK – September 2019



The strong sales result suggests another great month for Tesla Model 3 deliveries (over 2,000 in August), but - while model numbers are not yet available - we believe that other EVs did well too. Interestingly, the Model 3 was the top-selling model of any kind in London for the second month in a row with 469 new registrations in September.

And here are the numbers for the first nine months:

  • BEVs: 25,097 (up 122.1% year-over-year)
  • PHEVs: 22,773 (down 29.2% year-over-year)
  • Total: 47,870 (up 10.2% year-over-year) at an average market share of 2.6%

Source: SMMT

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