This case of terrible driving clearly led to the hit-and-run crash that's shared in the above video, but there's much more to the story. Fortunately, unlike many of the other Tesla dashcam (TeslaCam) YouTube videos out there, this particular share comes to us with some dialogue about the situation and its aftermath.

Now that most Tesla vehicles on the road today have the ability to record footage via standard built-in dashcams (TeslaCam) and the Autopilot-based camera feature Sentry Mode, there has been a new and growing wave of documented crashes, road rage, break-ins, vandalism, etc.

Of course, all of this was already happening, however, there was rarely regular video of it shared on the internet. Now that Tesla has implemented these camera features, they're proving very helpful to the authorities when it comes to tracking down criminals.

In this case — as reported by Tesla owner and driver Eli Burton (My Tesla Adventure) — the story unfolded in interesting fashion. He says he called the California Highway Patrol immediately after he witnessed the incident. Burton wanted to let them know that he had dashcam footage.

He was told later told that the police ended up chasing the driver for over an hour before apprehending her. During that time, she hit three other cars. So, all in all, she was involved in a total of four hit-and-run incidents.

Can you imagine if Burton hadn't alerted the police and didn't have the dashcam footage available for their use? This driver could have hit four cars, or even more, and potentially walked away without punishment.

Video Description via My Tesla Adventure on YouTube:

Tesla Dash Cam Captures Hit & Run Crash

Watch how this ends #tesla #tesladashcam

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