The Tesla was unharmed, but the video footage it captured shows a rather nasty rollover crash.

See a high-speed rollover crash from the viewpoint of a nearby Tesla. The Tesla was unharmed, but the SUV that ran a red light and rolled wasn't as lucky.

It seems there's no end to these red light-running cars out there and now, thanks to TeslaCam, we get all sorts of footage of these traffic offenders.

Seemingly not a day goes by now without some sort of wrecked captured by TeslaCam and posted to YouTube or Facebook. This particular crash is very short on details, but by viewing the footage it seems the SUV gunned it as it blew through the red light. However, the left turn lane of traffic had a green and the car proceeded to turn.

When the car impacts the SUV, the high-center-of-gravity vehicle immediately begins to roll. It rolls at least a few times before exiting our point of view in an upright position. Hopefully, everyone is okay, but it's too hard to tell the aftermath of the wreck from this video.

The moral, however, is very clear: don't run a red light. Ever.

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