See the first video footage of the Tesla Model S Plaid as it tackles the Nurburgring. Claims are that this hot Model S can easily beat the Porsche Taycan.

Seen here is the prototype version of the car that Elon Musk just announced for production starting in October/November 2020. The production Tesla Model S Plaid is expected to be even faster than this early prototype though.

Earlier today, we reported on rumors of this Model S Plaid already setting Nurburgring lap times that are quicker than the Porsche Taycan, though nothing is official just yet. We expect some formal announcement within the next few days.

With seating for seven, there's no doubt the Model S Plaid will be a record-setter. Just think of the possibilities here. Fastest 7-seat _____. Fill in the blank as you please.

Next year will surely be exciting times for drag race fans, as this new Model S Plaid will certainly have no equal on the track. We look forward to total domination. Don't you?

Video description via Auto Evolution on YouTube:

These are a couple of Model S prototypes R&D testing the upcoming "Plaid" drivetrain and also beating the Porsche Taycan Nurburgring lap time by around 20 seconds in the process.


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