CHAdeMO Association recently reported that the total number of CHAdeMO chargers around the world increased to 25,300 (up roughly 40% year-over-year).

The single biggest market for CHAdeMO is Europe, where CHAdeMO is often installed in parallel with CCS Combo 2 in multi-head chargers. As of April 2019, there was 9,200 CHAdeMO in Europe (up by close to 50% or 3,000 from year earlier).

The progress in Japan, where CHAdeMO was developed, is much slower and number of chargers stands at 7,600 (300+ more than year ago).

The biggest gains (close to 150% year-over-year) were noted in Asia (excluding Japan), where the umber of CHAdeMO chargers increased from over 2,000 to 5,000!

North America lived to see 3,200 CHAdeMO chargers, which is close to 40% more than a year ago, however, it's hard to say how Nissan/Mitsubishi will cope, being the only major forces behind CHAdeMO now.

There are some 300 CHAdeMO chargers in other markets - including 210 in Australia, 80 in South America and 20 in Africa.

25,000 CHAdeMO

For Europe, we have more detailed data, with a map. The highest number of chargers is reported in four countries:

  • Germany: 1,653
  • UK: 1,576
  • France: 1,277
  • Norway: 1,174
  • Total top 4: 5,680 or 62% of all
CHAdeMO in Europe - April 2019

And here is a quick look at the progress of new installations between 2011 and 2018, which reveals that CHAdeMO is losing its advantage over CCS Combo 2 in terms of the number of chargers (majority are multi-standard chargers anyway), as well as in terms of number of compatible all-electric cars.

CHAdeMO in Europe - April 2019
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