In a!

We just caught wind of this amazing share on Twitter and just had to pass it along.

***Updated to include sales figures through the end of May 2019

Credit where credit is due, of course. The sales figures come from our own InsideEVs sales scorecard, but this amazing in-motion visualization is the work @masegoslin on Twitter.

Here's the initial tweet:

Mase Goslin‏ @masegoslin May 22

Was checking out the @InsideEVs data and was curious to see it in a moving bar chart so I threw this together. Running total of US plugin sales since 2012. Amazing how fast and far #tesla has come. @Tesla #TSLA

Check out the moving chart below. Note that is displays sales info from January of 2012 through the present, which in this case would currently be through the end of May. Watch til the end, as the Tesla Model 3's rise to the top is swift and epic.



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