Several decent plug-in hybrids are available from under $30,000 (after deducting the federal tax credit)

The plug-in hybrid offer in the U.S. does not bring many changes this Spring, but several manufacturers tweaked prices.

In total, we list 35 models/versions of plug-in electric cars with an internal combustion engine on-board.


PHEVs by range

Most plug-in hybrids can go between 15-50 miles (EPA) in all-electric mode.

As the Chevrolet Volt retires, the new top PHEV seems to be the Honda Clarity PHEV (47 miles). The interesting new model is the Karma Revero GT with 61 miles of expected range, but it's not yet available.



PHEVs by price

The plug-in hybrid market seems to be occupied mostly by the various premium brands, which translates to usually higher average prices. After deducting the federal tax credit we see several PHEVs with starting prices around $22,000-$30,000.


*some models estimated

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