Tesla has launched yet another Model 3 variant, this time to take advantage of government incentives in Canada. It's called the "Standard Range," but, for Tesla, it should be called "Low Range." 

The Model 3 will be available with a variant that has an estimated range of 150 kilometers (roughly 93 miles), the company announced Wednesday in a blog post. It will have an MSRP of $44,999 CAN before fees and various incentives depending on the province you're in, and it's only available to order from a Tesla store. That's nearly $9,000 off the base price of the Standard Range Plus, but it obviously comes at a different cost. 

Canada's federal EV incentive is $5,000, but only for vehicles that list for less than $45,000 before discount – and no more than $55,000 when options are factored in. This Model 3 was excluded from this before today's announcement – but now it becomes the only Tesla that qualifies. 

It's worth noting, as Tesla pointed out, that Quebec residents get a larger selection of incentives that include other Tesla models, or makes this Model 3 a better value proposition. But considering the massively reduced range of the base car now, you have to really be set on a Tesla for it to make any sense over less expensive models with longer ranges. However, this is surely a software-locked battery, so for some more money at a later date its range can be extended.

And like the situation in pretty much every other market, Tesla doesn't seem to have much interest in selling base Model 3s, anyway.

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Electric Vehicle Incentives

$5,000 rebate for individuals purchasing vehicles with a base MSRP* under $45,000 before including delivery centre fees. The following Tesla vehicles qualify for the federal incentive provided that they are also listed on Transport Canada’s website:

  • 2019 Model 3 Standard Range
    • Range: 150km
    • Qualifying OEM MSRP* before delivery centre fees and EV savings: $44,999
    • Call or visit a Tesla store to order.
  • 2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus
    • Range: 386km (EPA estimate)
    • Qualifying OEM MSRP* before delivery fees and EV savings: $53,700
    • Order online

*MSRP shown is based on the definition established by Transport Canada for the purposes of the iZEV program. This price excludes a $1,300 delivery and inspection fee and standard vehicle registration fees.

Business customers receiving the Federal point of sale incentive may not be able to claim the write-down enabled by the 2019 federal budget.

Please refer to the program websites for the latest information.

British Columbia $5,000 rebate for vehicles with a base price under $77,000
Up to $750 rebate on Wall Connector and installation
Carpool lane access (with official EV decal)
Ontario Carpool lane access
Québec Up to $8,000 rebate for vehicles with a base price under $75,000
Up to $3,000 rebate for vehicles with a base price between $75,000 and $125,000
Up to $600 rebate on Wall Connector and installation
Reserved lane access (with official EV decal)
Sign-up for free toll bridges and ferry access
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