Just over 1 kWh is needed to keep Sentry Mode on for 24 hours

Bjørn Nyland recently tested the energy consumption of the highly useful Tesla Sentry Mode, which additionally secures the car in case of various events (or at least could help to identify who damaged the car).

As it turns out, the Sentry Model in the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t need too much energy and drop in range will be negligible.

  • Sentry Mode ON – 315 W
  • Sentry Mode OFF – 263 W
  • Difference – 52 W (1.24 kWh per 24 hours)

The additional test concerns the lowest vampire drain possible with everything off, in case an owner would like to leave the car for a prolonged period of time. It needs only 25 W (600 Wh per 24 hours or 4.2 kWh per week).

It seems that the car would be able to stay charged, even without being connected to a charging point, when the driver goes on an extended vacation or flight.

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