Some Tesla Model 3 paint issues are leading to building a whole new car.

A Model 3 reservation holder tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk complaining that he still hasn't received his car. This is still the case for many people, however, this particular owner-to-be was already set up to take delivery. His VIN was canceled due to problems with the car's paint. At this point, according to the Twitter user, Tesla is unable to confirm when a replacement will be ready.

It's no surprise that paint is one of the remaining bottlenecks in the Model 3 production process. However, the fact that Musk admitted it, went so far as to say that they'll even rebuild entire cars if they have to (and perhaps already have), and elaborated about challenges with particular colors, makes it an interesting share. On the positive side, it's becoming increasingly clear the Tesla is laser-focused on making sure the Model 3 is right. While there may have been multiple issues early on, it seems the automaker has worked most of them out and is not going to settle for anything unacceptable.

More clarification

This may mean some people begin to experience more delays. Hopefully, it may also mean that their Model 3 will be bordering on flawless.

Are you surprised that Tesla may be having to build entirely new cars due to paint issues? How is the paint on your Model 3? Share your thoughts and wisdom with us in the comment section below.


Gallery: Elon Musk Admits Paint Is The Current Model 3 Bottleneck


Gallery: Elon Musk Admits Paint Is The Current Model 3 Bottleneck

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