Nikola continues to make waves with its new NZT all-electric off-road performance UTV. Now, they've got the U.S. Marines on board.

Yes, as you can see, the Marines are testing the Nikola vehicle, complete with guns. For those that haven't followed, it's a multi-passenger EV UTV with a whopping 125 kWh battery pack (although lesser versions are available). It boasts up to 555 horsepower and 4,900 pound-feet of torque to the wheels.
Watch Marines Test All 4,900 Pound-Feet Of Torque In Electric Nikola UTV

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The all-new Nikola Reckless UTV is the company's latest military-grade variant. According to Electrek, it was named after renowned Staff Sergeant Reckless after he succeeded in 51 ammunition carrying operations in the Korean War. The publication reported (via OC register and first posted on Electrek) that Nikola’s director of defense Andy Christian shared:

It is a workhorse with a never-quit attitude. Its unique massive battery allows you to take energy from it and power anything, even a command center. It has an infra-red beam that can be used with night vision and a remote weapons system machine gun that can be controlled by a joystick anywhere in the vehicle. It’s light enough to go on a MV-22 osprey.

Regardless of the NZT's $28,900 starting price, the military upgrade will set them back $85,000. Follow the links below for additional information.

Video description via U.S. Military Channel on YouTube:

U.S. Marines are assessed utilizing the Nikola Motor Company's Reckless UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), a totally electric vehicle that can go from 0 to 100 kilometers-per-hour in just over 3 seconds. Also, a vehicle can be equipped with remote weapon stations (RWSs) with a M240, M2 Browning, Mk19.

Source: LinkedInElectrek

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