All-New Jaguar XJ To Go Electric In 2019?


Work on styling has been completed and is expected to usher in a new design language for the brand.

The current XJ is definitely showing its age if you line it up next to the S-Class, 7 Series, LS, and the A8, but the good news is Jaguar is hard at work preparing an all-new model. While Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus are selling hybrid versions of their flagship models (Audi will be doing the same with the A8 E-Tron), Jaguar will forgo the combustion engine altogether.

Jaguar XJL

Indeed, the next installment of the large luxury sedan is rumored to go fully electric to take on the Tesla Model S and to serve as a technological tour de force for Jaguar Land Rover. Rumor has it design work has been completed and the zero-emissions is being developed alongside a road-oriented Range Rover model known internally at JLR as the “Road Rover.”

Aside from going full EV, the next-gen Jaguar range topper will go through other changes as the conventional four-door sedan body style will be eschewed to make way for a sleeker five-door layout. This modification is expected to also pay dividends in terms of practicality as it will be much easier to maneuver cargo in and out of the trunk.

There are no exact details about the styling, although it is believed the overhauled XJ will pave the way for a new design approach that will trickle down onto the lesser models in the next decade. Jaguar’s design chief has promised “something quite special” in terms of aesthetics, so here’s hoping the real deal will live up to the hype.

Sources close to the company have told Autocar the official premiere is set to take place at the end of the year to mark half a century since the launch of the original Series I in 1968. Sales are scheduled to kick off at some point next year.

When it will arrive, the new XJ won’t serve as Jaguar’s first electric vehicle as that role has already been attributed to the I-Pace crossover scheduled for a market launch in the following months.

Source: Autocar

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To me that is the Fugliest Vehicle Jaguar ever Built . It is the Creepiest looking car I’ve ever seen! No Way, No Sir, Never, No thanks ! Not For Me!!

That is the current XJ they want to replace with a new, electric one.

So let’s hope for you they will build something more to your taste.

Edit: this is the long wheelbase version XJL but the design elements are the same as on the XJ.

Have you lived under a rock for the last 9 years?

I LIKE IT. A little jag a little bit the back of a leaf. A bit like fries and softice. Sounds weird but has a good taste to it.

What you will see will not be a jaguar nor has any car “jaguar” has made since 2008

Great news.
Sportback/Wagons offer more interior space and electric vehicles need more interior space and they are made for each other.

After success of Tesla Model S and Subaru Outback, many sportbacks/wagons entered the scene like Audi (A7, A5), VW Golf-Alltrack, Buick Regal (Sportback/TourX) and its natural for Jaguar to introduce this XJL as a sportback.

The 2 box type vehicles have more than 50% market share.
CUV – 42%
SUV – 4 – 5 %
Van – 4 – 5 %
These sportbacks with AWD option is just the same as CUVs.

Jaguar, now in its 2nd season of FIA ABB FormulaE (ABB became Title Sponsor after round 3, this Season 4, 2017-2018.)

…Even has a Twitter hash tag, #JaguarElectrifies. Google it and scrool down.

With the production, green light on the Jaguar #IPace, their global production game changes.

Stunning is how I describe this huge promotion for the IPace platform.

Season 5, Formula E brings in a side event of a 20 IPace Stock Car Circuit event and this folks will have you jumping out of your EV seats!

Link Goes To Jaguar Racing E Trophy reveal, You Tube Channel. (Volume Up, Way Up)-

FormulaE Series E Trophy deep dive.
Link goes to FIAFormulaE Presser-

Me think’s the end of old tech fossil fuel is at hand. Just a bit of retooling and IP developement needed!


Thomas J. Thias

Publisher: Clean Energy Retort™


The most significant thing here is a long time ICE model going electric. So far there have been electric versions of well known ICE models, like the Volkswagen e-Golf, and Mercedes B250e. And of course the all new models specifically built to be electric while leaving the regular ICE lineup untouched. The XJ, which has been around since 1968 going electric is a big step forward for electric cars in general.