Nearly 90,000 Electric Buses Were Sold In China In 2017

APR 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Most countries are far from 90,000 plug-in electric car sales annually – but in China, sales of electric buses alone nearly hit 90,000 in 2017 and that result was 23% worse than 2016!

Yutong electric buses

The 89,546 sales reported for 2017 is less than one year ago, because the Chinese government decreased subsidies.

Surprising for us is that BYD is far from being the biggest New Energy Bus manufacturer as Yutong sold 24,857!

BYD was second with “just” 12,777, followed by Zhongtong8,167. The rest of the manufacturers sold 43,745.

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The numbers from China must be especially depressing for the European and North American manufacturers, which at best are in the hundreds or two a year.

China needs to deal with subsidy changes though – as the overall market shrank by 23%, while BYD and Yutong increased sales and share.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s a lot of buses.

Why doesn’t the US push for EV Buses harder?

I’m pretty sure LA and San Diego is trying.

California Air Resources Board is in the process of preparing their Innovative Clean Transit rule that will push to electrify. You can find details at:

It’s government, so you can be assured, there will be meetings.

Because US Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t believe in climate change and clean air. Sad.

The fact that you think one is tied to the other is sad.
Climate change is never ending…hence the word “change”.
The reason electric buses aren’t filling cities quickly is because they cost more, pure & simple. As their prices lower, they will sell faster. I hope cities will spend a little more, for cleaner air, but many won’t.

Hey. Smokey

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Of course I know who Bill Nye is, I remember watching his show growing up. I know that he’s a huge -climate change is real & caused by humans- activist. Which I disagree with him on, but I think he’s a good guy, I like him.
As far as religion, I’m an atheist raised catholic. So I know all the propaganda, and how to counter it. I used to work with a guy who was a creationist…and I enjoyed many verbal battles with him. 🙂

Static inertia explains the U.S. and electric buses. The decision makers know their jobs are safe if they do what they used to do, no rocking boats.

Inertia and early poor choices both hurt the advent of electric buses. Seattle bought a bunch of hybrid electric buses 10 years ago thinking they were going to pay for themselves by saving money using refen and batteries instead of diesel. But the bus management team put them on a long distance route with little stopping or starting, just relatively high speed traveling. Obviously they are saving very little fuel. So Seattle wasn’t as ready to go full electric after getting burned on the hybrid electric in the past. They are coming around but they would have been a leader not a laggard if they had handled the early hybrids better.

I rode on an electric bus today in Shanghai. At first I didn’t realize it was electric until I noticed the familiar feeling of electric acceleration and the fact that the only noise was the air conditioning. I had my Chinese friend ask the driver if he liked it and he said yes all the drivers prefer them. Eventually they will take over because of the lower operating and maintenance costs. But as usual these days the US will be far behind China and Europe in adoption.