Mysterious VW EV Mule Spied Testing

FEB 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 32

This one is not identified yet

An all-electric test prototype, based on the Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan, was spotted during winter testing.

As Volkswagen already shown the camouflaged I.D., the question is – is this a test mule of another upcoming EV from the I.D. family? Or maybe it will be an additional version of the I.D. hatchback?

Check out the images below and take a guess at what this is in Comments. We’re stumped. Are you?

Volkswagen EVs:

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32 Comments on "Mysterious VW EV Mule Spied Testing"

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The more the merrier!

Yes! I would LOOOOOOVE to be inundated with “how to select an EV from all the choices” articles in 2 or 3 years.

Maybe a Polo sized ID car? Looks smaller than both the regular Golf Sportsvan and the ID Neo prototype.

I wasn’t much confident in Volkswagen earlier but I’m changing idea, it looks like they are literally rebuilding their entire lineup in a EV version. They are serious about it so I hope for them they can manage well the cannibalization of ICE sales because it will obviously happen, and could be a serious problem for their finances. Anyways, congratulations Volkswagen! The “lagging behind” automakers have now another reason to speed up their efforts aside from Tesla and China.

The Polo-sized MEB Entry was just recently (November 2018) approved for development, there won’t be any winter testing before 2021.

Looks about the same size as a Golf to me

I think it looks more similar to the current Volkswagen Polo, both for size and shape, but maybe it’s just me 🙂

Look at the rear door again. This thing is clearly longer than the Mark7 Golf.

But not longer than a Golf Plus or an Alltrack

Obviously the outside is mk7 Golf but clearly the interior is totally different.

Looks more like a Polo. Could be an E Up tho

It’s a Golf Plus model. Slightly taller roofline but otherwise same as the regular golf

Yeah we don’t get the Golf plus in the United States but I recognize the mk7 body as I have one in the driveway….

With tow hitch and a German E-license plate. VW, you’re such a hypocrite!

With all of these VW EV Mules showing up, the VaporWare cult must be feeling rather…. WRONG!

Is it a taller version of the Golf? That could be a nice thing!

A Golf plus? They had that for years in Europe.

I realize that but much like fresh bread we don’t get it here in the United States

Golf Plus no longer exist. The similar new model is called Golf Sportsvan. And the mystery car indeed looks like that model.

The model is called Sportsvan.

Rumor in German forums has it that vw is using old bodies (so called hats) custom fitted to test the MEB platform, so I would not interpret too much into the body.
With the rushed development timeline of the first I.d. this is their comprise to get enough winter testing for the drivetrain

My thoughts exactly. Didn’t know they were called hats though. Thank you

I wanted to get the Neo because I tought something bigger is at least 3 years away. Something like the Touran is what I like but this seems just close enough.

For the ones wondering if it is a Polo, look at how small the guy driving looks in the car. So either the driver is a child or this car is a Golf Plus size.

The model is called Golf Sportsvan.

Look at the center Screen.
It’s the ID NEO.

Or maybe most of the future models will come with a huge screen. It is much, much cheaper to stick a tablet to the dashboard instead of placing many physical commands all around. The cable harnes would also be much smaller and simpler.
Tesla convinced the customers that it is more practical this way and now all car makers are happy that they can do important cost cutting while selling it as cool.

It is a development test drive. Could be a notebook screen.

No ! It’s not the ID Neo !!

I just looked at the pictures again. The car has drum brakes on the rear. This is something I expected to see on new EVs. It will help with corrosion and limit fine particulate emissions.

Sharp eye. Didn’t notice it, before you mentioned it.
Could probably have drum brakes in front too. Unless they have a very active driving style. Disc brakes have much better cooling, and sustained brake power under high load. Corrotion and maintenance wice, drum brakes work very well and they are simple.
I didn’t expect to see drum brakes on a new car again.

This is not the ID Neo !!!

Here it is the ID Neo spied resting Near the Arctic Circle:

Looks like that Golf and Polo had a baby! Prefer more the e-golf more cargo room.