Musk Posts New Video Of Boring Company Tunnel


Because old video would be boring

If you prefer your electric vehicle travel subterranean, good news! The Boring Company has just about completed its first tunnel beneath the streets of Los Angeles, California, and may soon offer free rides of the demonstration system. What might this tunnel look like? Glad you asked!

More Boring news – Boring Company Raises $113 Million, $100 Million From Musk Himself

Company founder Elon Musk posted a short video of a portion of the tunnel on the weekend on Instagram, where it generated nearly half a million likes over a few days. There were thousands of comments within minutes. According to Musk, in response to an inquiry on the photo-centric social media platform, this first excavation runs from the I-105 and Crenshaw, to the I-105 and I-405. He also mentioned that, pending regulatory approval, they hope to build another demonstration tunnel along the I-405 “between [Interstate]10 and Pico [Blvd].”

Asked whether the tunnel would “get reception,” Musk replied that they intend to install gigabit Wi-Fi. Other questions included, “Earthquake proof?” (answer: “Built to world’s most extreme seismic standards. Probably safest place in LA if there is a quake.”); “When can I come and get a ride?” (answer: “can do some limited rides/tours in about 6 weeks or so.”

The billionaire entrepreneur plans to eventually dig a number of tunnels beneath L.A., which will feature pods for pedestrians and cyclist, as well as move entire vehicles through the system. It also has an ambitious plan to tunnel between Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland, a project for which it has already received some permits and begun the digging process.

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I can dig it.

Doesn’t U2 have a song about this?

A mole, digging in a hole
Digging up my soul, now
Going down, excavation …

And by new video you mean last week’s video.

Boring ‼️

They look almost like old tunnels to me.

Yea , Weeks Old…………

Bo-Ring !….. lol

Exciting stuff.

The initial track wavers just like in the newer sections of Metro in Washington DC metro area, I wander how it compares to EU and Brittish track layers, it’s a sensation of side to side sway, that you would not expect in this pilot project.

I’m not a Tesla fanboi by a long shot, but I’ll be really pissed if Tesla goes bankrupt because Elon blew all his cash on this nearly useless side project. I realise Tesla and The Boring Company are separate to a large degree, but in the end they’re both drawing a fair amount of water from the same well.

Elon thought of this concept 1 week after BYD unveiled their SkyRail monorail project on their campus in Shenzhen China, which BYD actually built and deployed to other cities. Same with Semi, Tesla started talking about that right after BYD released their short range class 8 truck for sale in the USA… Do you think Musk’s candy battle with Warren Buffet is about “Moats”? No, its about Warren Buffet’s huge support of BYD. With Elon Musk you have to read between the lines, he thinks like a kid when you get below the surface, competitive, and moody. Sorry, I forgot to add Insecure too.

No one is as insecure or jealous as you since you continuously carpet-bomb all the Tesla threads now with your hatred of Elon Musk and Tesla.

Meanwhile you just invested 100k into BYD.

Such a typical hypocrite move, reminds me of Trump agreeing to bail out Chinese company ZTE so he can benefit personally:

It is no wonder that the US is in the political shape it is with people like these guys.

“because Elon blew all his cash on this nearly useless side project”

Lol, that’s not how it works in the real world.

“but in the end they’re both drawing a fair amount of water from the same well.”

True, but not the well you think.

L.A. has subways.

For those dying for a test ride, there’s no need to hold out: LA already has a subway (albeit an inadequate one) and it already runs on electricity to boot!