Musk: New Version Of Tesla Summon Mode To Use Autopilot Cameras

Tesla Summon


Summon Mode to become even more accurate through the use of cameras.

Just moments ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk let it be known that a new version of Summon Mode is in the works and that it’ll use Autopilot cameras for improved functionality.

This improved version will be available on the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3.

Though the original Summon Mode seldom failed, it did occasionally have its faults. However, with the use of Autopilot cameras, the new Summon Mode should prove to be nearly flawless in operation.

Summon Mode is unique to Tesla and it’s often utilized in situations where say the car is parked in a puddle of water or when it’s raining out and you’d rather not get soaked. Other uses include backing out of a tight parking spot or from a garage.

There’s no word yet as to when this improved Summon Mode will be available, but obviously, it will come via an over-the-air update.

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I wonder if they could use the cameras and/or sensors to emulate the open-trunk-with-your-foot feature that’s becoming so popular in other models of car. That would be awesome if they just said, “yeah, we can do that too” without adding dedicated sensors. Poof: every Tesla (besides the old Roadster) would just have it overnight, like every great OTA update.

Maybe they could use the ultrasound parking sensors

I’ve often wondered why their sensor suite doesn’t include an external microphone. It could assist in recognizing emergency vehicles, it could always be listening for you to say “open trunk,” or it could hear a person yelling “stop” as you were backing up. Might also be useful for turning on cameras if someone is vandalizing your car.

Summon should be easily done if the car is ready to drive itself.

Just hope it’ll be able to turn as well according to your input.

Would be nice if he could get the existing summons to actually work first. Dont now how many times I have stood outside my Telsa like an idiot trying to get the phone app to connect. I reckon it woks 30% of the time (and that is generous).