Model 3 Shows Up In Chinese Tesla Store – Video

Tesla Model 3 (Source: China AutoReview)


Tesla hasn’t yet begun sales of the Model 3 outside of North America, but in China there was already one on exhibition in a Tesla store.

Here is video with exterior and interior of the red Model 3 Long Range, which of course gets the Chinese version of the interface for the touchscreen.

The charging inlet remains the North American type, which is not what it will be in the production version (as Tesla uses Type 2 and Chinese GB/T standards in China).

When sales in China start in 2019, at least several thousand a month should be sold we believe (in the beginning at least).

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Good, Quick intro view of the Model 3!
Already 3.4 Miilion Views! Probably translates into a feww thousand more reservations!

Tesla Model 3 will be a monster seller in China…

40,000+/month China production deliveries by late 1921 would be my bet… if the Chinese economy does not tank before then.

The Chinese factory is not meant to do more than 250,000 a year when it starts production in 2021.

The Model 3 being able to capture around 10% of the EV market seems pretty optimistic.