Mitsubishi Cries Foul Over End Of Grant In UK: Outlander PHEV Sales

OCT 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Mitsubishi will lose the most from the end of Plug-in Car Grant for PHEVs.

Mitsubishi Motors decided to respond to the reduction of Plug-In Car Grant in UK, which next month not only decreases the amount of incentives to BEVs to £3,500, but basically eliminates PHEVs (previously eligible for £2,500).

Mitsubishi said it’s surprised and disappointed. The Japanese manufacturer upgraded the Outlander PHEV, one of the few plug-in hybrids certified to the new WLTP test cycle, to stay below 50g/km of average CO2 emission.

“Following the news that the Department for Transport is to abolish the Plug-in Car Grant for all plug-in hybrids from November 11th onwards, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK wishes to express its surprise and disappointment at the decision, which is completely at odds with the Government’s stated objective of making the UK a world leader in green mobility in the future.

As motorists seek a low-emission, fuel efficient alternative to diesel vehicles, now should be the ideal time for the Government to incentivise Plug-in hybrid technology, not pull its support, because such technology forms the perfect segue between conventional petrol and diesel powered and full electric vehicles, particularly as the charging network is nowhere near evolved enough to support widespread full EV use.

A further frustration of the decision is that with new WLTP regulations coming into effect, only those plug-in hybrids that offer real-world efficiency and a useable EV range would qualify for the grant anyway. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is only one of a small number of plug-in hybrids still on sale thanks to its WLTP economy figure of 139mpg, emissions of 46g/km and an EV range of 28 miles.”

The UK is the Outlander PHEVs biggest market in Europe, and Europe was most important for the car globally. At the same time, Outlander is the best-selling plug-in model in the UK, which means the two were highly bound to each other.

Soon, the demand for the Outlander PHEV will weaken it seems.

“There is no question that the Plug-in Car Grant played a crucial role in establishing the EV and Plug-in Hybrid markets in the UK, giving consumers confidence in the technology and making the relatively expensive technology more attainable. However, both EV and PHEV vehicles still represent a tiny proportion of the overall market and it is the opinion of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK  that the Government’s decision to cut the grant for plug-in hybrids is somewhat premature.”

Rob Lindley, Managing Director at Mitsubishi Motors in the UK commented:

“The decision to suddenly end grant support for some of the greenest vehicles on the road is extremely disappointing but as segment leader for the past four years, we are confident despite the setback that people will still see the benefits of having a 220hp, all-wheel drive SUV that is also so efficient it attracts low VED, low Benefit in Kind rates for business users and offers huge real-world fuel cost savings compared to conventional petrol- and diesel-powered SUVs.”

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Bump the battery to 16kWh, or, more, and we’d be happy to buy in the states. I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t make it the minimum to get the full tax credit in the USA.

Bump the battery to 20kw then we can talk

Bump it to 90 kwh and don’t increase the price. Then we’ll talk.

Batteries are still too heavy.
They need to drop the million speed transmissions and uprate the electric motors

FWIW, single speed transmission in the Outlander PHEV, same as the Volt.

Bump battery to 80KWH & ditch the ICE, then we’ll talk…

Bump the electric range to 70 miles and get the £3500. Or embrace the brave new world of plug-in cars competing and winning on level ground. The outlander will still sell strong.

Mitsubishi Outlander EV (with a 100 kWh battery pack).

That would be a best seller.

I’ve had an Outlander for over 3 years and I’d love to have a full EV version of it.

This move won’t get more people into EV’s. There simply isn’t enough choice of reasonably priced EV’s and even the supply of the Leaf is limited.

not if it would cost 90.000€


Sorry Mitsu, they gave subsidies for last 7 or 8 years and this is a favor. Don’t expect them to give for another 100 years.
Ideally it was meant to promote electric energy efficient vehicles.
They should have sold a small hatch like Nissan Note, VW Golf or at least small crossover like Eclipse Cross, instead they sold a big crossover like Outlander and that too only with some 40 km range.
You enjoyed the subsidy, now its gone, anyway the battery prices have reduced more than 5 fold. So decrease the price accordingly and keep selling.

BTW, USA may also cut their $7,500 sooner, so sell as much as possible and then get ready to cut prices.

Isn’t the UK building one of the most expensive Nuclear plants in the world, with guaranteed profits, and yielding rate payers poor rates? Now that’s a subsidy that should have been eliminated first.

But, when you allow corporations to write your law, you seem to not have a democracy, and with no recourse. Welcome to American “politics”.

You are correct. Its terribly expensive and the Chinese & French have fooled the British.
They could have got a much cheaper reactor from Russia or used a combination of Wind (Onshore and Offshore) and the upcoming Wave power plants to generate that electricity.

At least I hope that reactor is built on time to power the new wave of plugin vehicles.

Yes it is expensive but will provide 13% of Britons electricity, work day, night all year. Such a plant provides (hopefully) reliable base load generation that is typically provided by fossil fuel with near zero CO2 (some from construction, etc. just like solar and wind).

Last I read was 7%, but in any case if something is very expensive, the last thing you want to do is buy a lot of it. That’s why the usual “but it will produce so much electricity” from it’s supporters makes no sense. If someone was trying to sell you milk for £10 a bottle, would you think it was a better or worse deal if they asked you to commit to buying a thousand bottles rather than one?

As renewables penetration increases, “base load” (i.e. inflexible generation that can’t be ramped to match needs) becomes more and more of a liability rather than an asset.

The only reason Mitsubishi Autos still exists after a series of fiascos and dismal sales is because it is part of a huge corporation, think GE. If they squash the halo car on this, they will be doing Big Oil a huge favor.

Motive Found.

Mitsu is owned by Renault & Nissan.

Nissan owns 34% of the shares in Mitsubishi Motors. Renault owns 44.4% of Nissan. So a majority stake, but not fully owned.

Controlling stake, not majority stake.

The outlander is literally the only model they sell now, of course there annoyed is going…

Yup! They Killed thir iMiEV, instead of Upgrading or upsizing its little 16 kWh Battery!
Making it 32 kWh, and upgrading the AC charging from 3.3 kW (North American ones, anyway!), to 7.4, or at least 6.6 kW, would be good for it to!

I always liked the iMiEV in principle and thought it represented what an electric city car should be: narrow, short in length, tall, and remarkably roomy for its exterior size. It did have rather poor motor/battery efficiency and therefore low MPGe given its small mass.

Stop building this barge and give us the pure Lancer Evo EV that we actually want.

Luckily the government in the UK also saw the light, as did the government in The Netherlands a few years back. These subsidy-promoted PHEV’s were bought by people who were only interested in low taxes and not in reducing their fuel consumption. A large part of Outlander owners never charges their car. Their was really very little environmental benefit from the subsidy.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I think the change coming in the Benefit In Kind rates are another sign of the UK government more strongly favoring BEV over PHEV.

The Outlander is actually not that terrible, compared to all these alibi-PHEVs mostly from German makers. AFAIK it’s actually best in class among SUVs…

Do Not Read Between The Lines

PHEVs maybe. But it’s very inefficient as a hybrid.