Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales In 2018 Increased To 42,337

FEB 3 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Outlander PHEV is responsible for 3.5% of Mitsubishi sales volume

Mitsubishi noted an exceptionally good year in 2018, as business recovery under the wings of Nissan is going at full swing with sales growth up 18% to 1,218,897 cars.

The updated Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is growing even faster thanks to the introduction in North America. In 2018, some 42,337 were sold (up 64.3% from 25,767).

The Outlander PHEV sales are 5.5 times lower than the standard Outlander, but a year ago it was 8.3 times lower, so the improvement is clear.

Overall, Outlander PHEV accounts for 3.5% of total Mitsubishi volume (compared to 2.5% in 2017).

Here are results in a few select markets:

  • UK – 8,701
  • Japan – 7,003
  • Canada – 5,270
  • U.S. – 4,166

Mitsubishi Global Sales 2018

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Still think that this vehicle 25 mpg is abysmal for a plug in. Such mpg defeats the purpose of a plug in, which is efficiency, of course.

“Still think that this vehicle 25 mpg is abysmal for a plug in.”

The world does not live by mpg alone. This SUV offers utilities not found in a Prius Prime or Chevy Volt.

It has pure EV mode, it TRASHes the competition.
Mitzu has Out Engineered Toyota.
Not just Tesla, little Mitsubishi.

I was one of those 4,166 US 2018 buyers, and I absolutely love my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I get an average 28 miles of EV range in the summer, and 22 in the winter. I love the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty, and this vehicle switches from EV to gasoline so seamlessly. The MPG in gasoline mode is not very good, but I’m able to maximize my EV driving most of the time. I’m hoping that Mitsubishi will eventually double the EV range in the future. I will upgrade to the next version if they do.

Mitsubishi has been improving it incrementally. One of their stated reasons for not bringing it to the US earlier (besides the rather obvious part where they could sell all they can make elsewhere) was that performance wasn’t up to snuff yet for the US. The 2018 is version 2. The 2019 is version 3. A nice upgrade to the drivetrain on all fronts.
1. 15% larger battery.
2. 12% more HP on the rear electric motor as well as 10% increase in regen.
3. 10% more HP on the gas engine.
4. 10% higher efficiency engine new Atkinson cycle engine.
5. 10% increase in max speed for all electric power.

In general it should be a noticeable upgrade. We’ll see what the net impacts are on efficiency.

2019 and 2018 are the exact same in the US.

Same here- I bought mine in late October. My daily commute to work is 32 miles round trip, I’m fortunate to be able to recharge at work. I’ve only had to refilled (gas) twice.

That picture perfectly sums up outlander drivers. Park across two EV bays tying them up then piss off for two hours.

LOL. Thats the opinion I would expect from the Toyota sales team.
Pure envy.