Mini Developing Second Pure Electric Car

APR 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

MINI intends to begin production of the all-electric MINI E in late 2019, though it may not necessarily be the first production BEV from Mini, as there are now hints of a second EV.

Retro Electric Mini Cooper

According to Auto Express, there is a second all-electric model in the Mini pipeline and this one is envisioned exclusively for China.

We know that from 2019 on, the Chinese government will set in place tough requirements for manufacturers to earn New Energy Credits and this probably explains why MINI is expected to launch a special BEV for China only.

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The design and production of the car will be done with joint venture partner Great Wall Motors.

We expect this BEV to be of the cheaper variety and probably on the lower side in terms of range.

Source: AutoExpress

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Sing it with me kids…

“Until it’s for sale in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware to me.”

I guess Pennsylvania still makes a lof of money on coal. I was up north at a kind of mining museum, and bought a piece of anthracite coal with Pennsylvania and the contour of the state engraved on it. Under it was written “Home of the largest anthracite coal deposit in the USA” under the “picture”.
The second time I was in Pennsylvania we checked out the amish, and walked half of the Appalachian Trail.
Weird to realise I understood what they said when they talked their variety of German, Pennsylvania Dutch.
A lot of huge pickups is what I saw people drive. At the time, I could drive 1 week in Norway and not see one single pickup.. So I tended to notice it. Even people without the need to move goods had huge pickups.
I guess when there is a proper electric pickup, EV market share will grow a lot, and people will start to buy other EVs too. Then other car companies will start to sell them there as well.

Another Euro point of view

Then with all the EVs which will only be sold in China and in Europe you may very quickly end up in a situation where 90% of worldwide EV production is vaporware. I take it that a car manufacturer must yet be strongly established in the US to decide to import EVs considering somewhat low EV market penetration (gas being too cheap ?) & high litigation risks. For example it took a lot of time for Mitsubishi deciding to distribute the Out lander in the US. You should maybe lobby for expensive gas .

Wait, were is the first ev from them? Is that “18 mile on a good day” called an ev now?

If Mini drops its awful interior dash layout then it may sell well.