Mercedes-Benz A-Class PHEV Coming Next Year

JUN 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Mercedes-Benz is developing a plug-in hybrid version of 4th generation A-Class that is expected to enter market in 2019.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (ICE)

The German manufacturer is currently testing a fleet of prototypes, so we think the public unveiling could happen in September at the Paris Motor Show.

According to Autocar’s sources, the A-Class PHEV will be a direct competitor to Audi A3 e-tron (which is an aging plug-in hybrid, by the way).

The A-Class with EQ Power treatment’s provisional specs include an all-wheel drive powertrain with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine for the front axle and separately an all-electric motor for the rear axle.

Base specs (unofficial):

  • system output 163bhp (1.3-litre four-cylinder M282 petrol engine + 90bhp electric motor)
  • all-wheel drive
  • unknown all-electric range

There is also the possibility of an affordable lower-spec version with 136 bhp of system output.

An all-electric A-Class is not the part of the equation because an all-electric compact will be built on the new platform for BEVs, under the EQ brand (EQA model) with new exterior styling.

Source: Autocar

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14 Comments on "Mercedes-Benz A-Class PHEV Coming Next Year"

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This must be a Euro model what with the 1.3 L engine (and lesser option). What will North American configuration be? Is it coming at all?

Isn’t the Prius good enough in the US?

Normally the A class isn’t sold in North America. To few people appreciate small cars especially if they are not cheap.

Good power for its size, very good torque, good comsumtion, less weight over front axle improves agility… I see lot of adventages.

Another “just around the corner” car.

Annoying isn’t it?

“unknown all-electric range”

[sad trombone sound]

These days I don’t even dare to hope anymore. It’s like most manufacturers are competing in the “make the most pathetic ev” race.

You’re basing this on what exactly?

20 mile phev BMW, MB lineup, Honda comes to the table in 2017 with a 80 mile ev, Toyota still brags about the 20 something mile prius, VW has one ev for sale in the entire Los Angeles area. I have been trying to get a second ev for some time now and seen first hand how limited the selection is. Not impressed by future promises.

“Honda… 80 mile EV”

Fact that Honda has perhaps the most compelling PHEV doesn’t count to you? 20 mile PHEV is not shabby. The whole point of a PHEV is that the battery can be small and you can still do majority of your driving in EV without range anxiety.

Booo through-the-road hybrids! They’re hybrids for people who can’t build real hybrids! Way less efficient than a proper, integrated parallel hybrid. I mean really, they couldn’t at least shoehorn a little 50 kW motor into the transmission housing? The A3 e-tron has a 1.4 L engine AND a 75 kW electric motor crammed in there!

I’m just waiting for the “revolutionary” 45 km AER on WLTP to be announced 😛

This engine is used by almost all Renault models and will be used by other makers as Nissan or Dacia. Will they used this PHEV power unit?. Is Mitsubishi behind that?.
About the range in electric mode, in Europe if one PHEV homologates more than 40 km, has benefits. So I think this can be the minimun range, but I don’t expect much more.