Inventories Push Chevrolet Volt Sales To Yearly Low In January, Only 1,140 Sold

FEB 1 2013 BY JAY COLE 9

In 2012, General Motors set the gold standard for selling plug-in vehicles, as 23,461 Chevrolet Volts were sold in the United States.

The Volt also holds the record for most electric vehicle sales in any one month, selling 2,961 in October of 2012.  However, now it is a new year, and the slate is wiped clean for the competition to begin afresh.

Not Wanting Another Result January, GM Built Almost 3,000 Volts This Month

Not Wanting Another Result January, GM Built Almost 3,000 Volts This Month

Which is not good news if you enter the month in a very bad inventory situation.  And thats exactly what happened to GM’s 38 mile, extended range car.

In January, Chevrolet only sold 1,140 extended range Volts, the worst result since January of 2012 when they only managed to sell 603.

Affecting January’s result was an extended Christmas shutdown,  which idled the Volt’s Hamtramck, Michigan facility from Dec 13th to Jan 2nd.

This closure seriously affected inventory levels entering this month.   Already thin on inventory going into December, GM sold 2,633 Volts, and build only 1,509.

Lots Of New Volt Production In Pipeline For February.  Ampera?  Not So Much

Lots Of New Volt Production In Pipeline For February. Ampera? Not So Much

Looking ahead, February’s results should return more to the norm (1,500+) as GM pressed their DHAM production facility into high gear, and built 2,949 more extended range Chevys to replenish local inventories.

Regardless of the ‘why’ only 1,140 Volts were sold, it is going to be odd to see another plug-in leading the sales charts for 2013 (think Tesla Model S)…at least for a little while.

If  interested, General Motor’s sales PDF for January can be found here, production report here.

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Low inventories cost them a chance to sell at least one Volt in Jan.

I had my wife on the tipping point of leasing a Volt, after she drove a Volt our friend owns. She even went as far as checking the dealership inventories online. Lucky me, she found one with her favorite color combo and all the features she wanted.

Took her to the dealer to see it in person, not there! On a truck somewhere; sales guy didn’t even know when it was going to arrive. Apparently their online inventory isn’t actually what they have at the lot. She was fed up (patience is not her strong point) and ended up with an ICE CUV the same weekend. I was so close…

Josh, I really feel for ya. You will not know what you missed out on for a long time now. The Volt is absolutely extraordinary. The more I drive mine, the more I like it.
For others who need talking points to convince their wife to get a Volt, here is why I think everyone should have a Volt:
On average, the cheapest car will depreciate $100 a month or when you add maintenance and repairs it will be $100 minimum. This is my experience in life. A newer car will certainly depreciate that much, and older car will depreciate less but then you end up buying tires or doing some repairs. It always gets close to $100 a month average.
Save another $100 on gas per month when you drive a Volt. There you go, $200 a month will cover most of the lease. You are now driving a shiny new car and the best car on the road outside of a Tesla, for basically free. Same amount you will be paying for a clunker.

Well, on the plus side, it was up 537 from this time last year. Did GM idle the factory then too?


Yearly low? It’s the first month of 2013, which makes this a yearly high 😉 Also roughly double their 2012 sales number which is nice.

So who’s going to presumably take the lead for Jan 2013? Ford C-Max? Prius Plug in?

Best month / worst month / only month…hey look, you’re both right!

My gut prediction is that the C-Max has a good chance of taking the lead. Then again, Ford hasn’t started selling them nearly as widely as Chevy sells the Volt. Ford doesn’t seem as committed to pushing plug-ins. They’ve said over and over than they will follow demand. Chevy is the leader here, Ford is a follower. As for the plug-in prius, I hope that doesn’t detract sales from the other two. I think it will be a hard sell for many.

It looks like if Tesla actually got 1200 out in Jan, it might be a tough number to beat.

50,000-55,000 US EVs in 2012. Probably 65,000-75,000 in 2013. Tesla could add to the luxury number in 2013. So everybody’s low January sales are right in line.

Yearly low… anything for a headline…

It originally was: Low Inventories Push Chevrolt Volt Sales To Lowest Total
A Year In January With Only 1,140 Sold

…but that was way too long and read oddly /shrug

It probably could have been: Inventories Push Chevrolt Volt Sales To 12 Month Low In January, With Only 1,140 Sold; but I didn’t think of that on the fly at the time

Aside: Even with all the 30-60 day supply problems with Chevy, Nissan, Ford, Honda and Tesla, compared to 2012, when there was only about 1,500 plug-ins sold (estimated for the fringe players), this year will come in about 4,800ish.